Green panelling in a contemporary kitchen

Green kitchen with wooden panelling

This kitchen reminds me a lot of my bathroom. The house we’re on the brink of buying (cross your fingers for us) has a bathroom with almost identical vertical wooden panels - currently painted a rather twee sky blue, but soon planned to be changed to a gentle olive green. The colour we’ve picked out is pretty much this exact shade, which is why this apartment jumped out at me when I was looking for another home to feature on Decorenvy. It’s reassuring to see it look so good - I’ve been nervous that we won’t be able to make wood panels fit with our contemporary tastes.

Anyway, tenuous link aside, this kitchen is lovely. The decorators have nailed the palette - everything is very similar in colour, but just different enough that it doesn’t feel too matchy-matchy. The standard grey kitchen cabinets and white tiles are lifted by the unexpected coloured walls, and the pendants over the table change from green (complementing the wall) to black (complementing the chairs) depending on where in the room you’re currently stood. The varying, textured shades of wood give everything a bit of warmth and make it feel homely. I love it!

I’ve done a big of digging around to find close (or exact) matches for the products used in case you see something you like, but to be honest this one was really difficult compared to previous home tours. I recognise almost none of the products. So if you see something in here that you know a source for, let me know in the comments!