Ingredients LDN

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you may have heard of Ingredients LDN before, via this recent shopping post! I’ve been admiring their photography on Instagram for a while, so decided it was finally time to get in touch with the founder, Nina, and put together a post on her brand.

Everything in Ingredients LDN’s range intends to create warm, grounded interiors. The colour palette is consistent across the entire site, blending soft tones of beige, taupe, grey and pink with textured wood, ceramic and linen. The effect is deliberate – Nina believes that a soft palette and simple, quality design create a timeless aesthetic that will never go out of style.

Part of the Ingredients LDN ethos is to support small makers and artisans, not least because the imperfections mean that their work is so much more interesting than mass-produced homeware. “The objects they create are rich in narrative,” Nina explains. “They carry lovely, subtle nuances that are lost in modern production.”

A soft, subtle colour palette and simple, quality design create a timeless aesthetic that will look as good in years to come as it does today
— Nina, founder of Ingredients LDN

It’s this idea of storytelling through design that guides Nina’s buying process. Every object that makes it onto their store passes through her hands first. She considers the maker’s story, the process used to create the product, and how it might be used by their customers. How does the object feel when held? What is the experience when using it? How does the story behind it make her feel? The answers to these questions are just as important as how the product looks aesthetically.

The range spans every room of the house, from bed linen and blankets through to a copper kettle and handmade ceramic tea strainers. Prices are on quite a wide spectrum, as you’d expect from a shop which stocks products made one-by-one by individual makers. On one end there are cutlery sets and cushion covers for less than £20; on the other there are solid maple chopping boards which start from £110. A lot of the mid-range pieces would make great birthday or Christmas presents - definitely worth bookmarking if you have a special day coming up.