Offbeat Ceramics by from:fran

Handmade gold mugs.jpg

from:fran is a really fun ceramics studio which I think is based in New York. The designer, Fran, makes off-beat mugs, vases and vessels decorated with scribbles and blobs of gold lustre. I'm a sucker for anything wobbly and uneven, especially ceramics, so as soon as I saw these they were an obvious choice to share here! 

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"I'm fascinated by the connection that ceramics and pottery have with the natural world; earth, air, water, and fire. I like that it is an unpredictable craft, a craft that involves magic in the process, and in which you are a creator and spectator of the metamorphosis taking place."

- Fran, Designer

There's no online shop that I can see, so unless you're a NY resident these might have to be admired from afar! But there is an email address provided on the website, and an active Instagram account, so you could always whizz over an enquiry if you're desperate to buy something. 

Yellow handmade ceramic mugs.jpg