Colour Blocking with Paint

Do you feel as though summer is finally coming? We've had those delicious first rays of sunshine this week here in London; I'd sort of forgotten what it feels like to have sunlight warming your skin! Perhaps we've been inspired by the weather, because it seems as though everyone has ditched the browns, greys and whites and is heralding a return to some (much needed) colour.

One of the spring/summer trends I've seen everywhere over the last couple of months is colour blocking. If you want to add some bolder shades into your interior but don't want to paint the entire room, dedicating a small area to a solid 'block' of colour will breathe life into the room without being overbearing. Leave all other walls white to keep the finish fresh and clean.

If (like me) you're not a fan of very bright colours, a nice peach or pastel green would work just as well.

Images courtesy of Pinecone Camp, Apartment TherapyPlaza Interior and This is Paper.