Friday Five #3 - Under the Stairs


It's Friday again! Here's a little round up of some nice ideas I found over the previous few weeks, this time along the theme of that pesky unused space under the stairs. Some of these I included because they're very practical, others just because they look nice.

I had to take some time away from Decorenvy towards the end of 2016 - partly due to some awesome stuff happening at work, and partly due to some less-than-awesome stuff in my personal life - so if you're wondering why this series started and then suddenly tailed off... that's why. I'm hoping to start posting here a lot more regularly now that we're in 2017. 


1. Clever bike storage

The best use of dead space is both good-looking and practical. I'm not sure I'd make this a feature in the main hallway of my house, but for basements or back rooms it would be perfect. The best thing is, we have some of these hooks at my parents' house and they're really inexpensive (definitely less than a tenner each). You can get them on Amazon here. I'm not much of a cyclist so I would probably opt for hanging things like coats and umbrellas off the bottom instead. Then again, perhaps that's not as cool... Maybe I need to buy a bike.

Via Dwell.


2. The under-stairs sideboard

Similar to the bike storage above, just a little easier on the eye. The colours in this picture are really doing it for me. Lots of white, but balanced out with a tiny bit of jet black and pale wood. One thing to mention, because I have a much less attractive version of this setup going on in my rented place in London: when your stairs are backless like this, all the dirt and fluff that accumulates on shoes and slippers drops down onto the surface below. It's a constant struggle to keep it clean, especially if you have a lot of small ornaments. Top tip: If you're going to replicate, either make sure the back of the stairs is sealed or avoid too much clutter underneath them.



3. A hidden closet

This is so clever! Storage for coats, shoes and other clutter, all hidden behind closed doors. I'm not sure how far it extends, but looking at that rail there seems to be heaps of space. It's just a shame that the wood is so flimsy-looking - is it plasterboard? You could make it look miles better with a proper fitted wooden structure. Love the brickwork paired with the white, though.

Via Daily Dream Decor.


4. Office space

I love the idea of having a desk tucked under the stairs, but really hate those built-in wooden ones that are all over Pinterest. This is much more slick, and has the added bonus that you don't have to rip out a load of wood panelling if your tastes change over the years. Also really cool: that minimalist Simpsons poster on the desk.

Via Cotemaison.


5. A swing for the kids...?

It's not a sensible use of space, and inviting playtime into the very centre of the house does seem like a recipe for a headache, but look how cute this is! Maybe it could be made more adult-friendly by swapping in some kind of hanging egg chair, for use as a chill out zone or reading nook. At the very least, the colours and materials used are beautiful. Love that whitewashed wooden floor.

Via Krista Keltanen Photography.