Grouting in Gold


These pictures are from an Argentinian restaurant somewhere in Paris named Anahi. The walls are covered in cracked old white tiles, but rather than trying to cover them up the proprietors have patched up the gaps using gold leaf! It's as if they're flaunting the disrepair of their walls, deliberately drawing attention to the cracks and saying "I DON'T CARE!" Which is awesome.


I could really go for this in a future bathroom. Why bother retiling after moving into a new place when you can just smash the walls up a bit and fill the gaps with shimmery metallic paint instead? You'd need to spend some time researching a high quality product containing proper gold leaf to get the intense shimmer seen here, but it's certainly doable. My flat currently has a slightly dodgy peach tile through the bathroom and WC upstairs. I don't hate it, but I could definitely fall in love if there was a bit of gold worked in there. The colours would be so good together.


Kudos to Sarah Akwisombe, whose post on coloured grout led me to Anahi's website. All imagery used here courtesy of Garance Doré.