Honey to the Bee


The sudden trend for DIY Honeycomb shelves in 2013 seems to have sparked some kind of revival, because I'm seeing hexagonal prints everywhere. They've morphed from just bathroom tiles and shelving to actual fitted wall coverings and soft furnishings - and I'm not complaining. The way the shapes tessellate together creates a nice, mathematical effect which is really pleasing to the eye.

The best thing about this pattern is how incredibly easy it would be to incorporate it into your own home. If creating a honeycomb wall or building your own shelves seems like a tall order, or if you can't rip out and replace the tiles in your rented home, just some honeycomb patterned cushions, curtains or even wall stencils would do the trick.

P.s. Since I couldn't get it out of my head for the entire time it took to put this post together, here's a little treat for you.

Images courtesy of Luona ShopVintage Revivals, Pohio Adams and White Nest at Etsy.