Let's Go, Indigo


As the rains pick up and the nights grow longer, our interiors are starting to imitate the outdoors. Cue one of AW14's key colour trends: Indigo. The sultry shade of blue is taking over just about every surface this year, from  accessories and textiles to (for the very brave!) walls and floors. It's a colour that really seems to suit tiles and ceramics, in particular - check out those dreamy tiles and the Marimekko plate below. Lighten it up with breezy white linens or go really moody with dark woods and copper details.

I'll admit I was a little resistant to this one at first - my preference is for bright, airy spaces. But there's something really comforting about dark colours when it's chilly outside, so I've found myself warming to it quite a bit over the last few weeks.


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Main images: Fairly LightThe Guardian