Contemporary Nurseries with Adult Appeal


These images courtesy of Skandivis, The Animal Print ShopBinti Home & Divaaniblogit

The temptation when decorating a child's bedroom is to default to the obligatory pink or blue walls (yay gender roles!) and fill it with a concoction of bright colours, wall stickers and plastic furniture. Fair enough - I don't have any of my own, but I can imagine that with these little people already draining so much of your time and cash, designing a beautiful space for them to sleep and play in is probably quite low on the list of priorities.

Having said that, if you do have a bit of time to plan your nursery (pregnancy?), there are ways to create kid-friendly spaces that don't jar with the rest of your carefully-curated decor. Opt for grown up shades of grey (yes, really!), brown or pure white as a base, on top of which smaller pops of bright colour can be added. Equally, black can be surprisingly versatile when used on fabrics such as bedding or cushions. Kids love primary colours, but they doesn't have to cover every available surface.

Then, the trick is to choose furniture and accessories which please both parties. Rather than plastic stacking boxes for storing toys, pick up an old chest of drawers from a charity shop or on Ebay and paint it to fit your colour scheme. Rather than Superman bedding, how about a whimsical pattern in neutral colours à la Ferm Living? You don't want to impose your own tastes too rigidly on a space which is meant to belong to them, but with a bit of compromise it is possible to negotiate something that both of you can enjoy and be proud of.

Below are a few nice things I stumbled upon this week. If you liked these ideas, more kids' spaces are on my Pinterest board...