Revisiting the gold bar cart


I've always loved the glamorous gold bar carts I've seen in other bloggers' homes (for example, Kimberly of Swoonworthy) and been pretty envious, but I just couldn't work out how something like that would fit with the rest of my decorating choices. They tend to look best surrounded by other very glamorous items - velvet sofas, dark blue walls, zebra print - rather than white walls and plain wooden floors. It's an idea I'd sort of consigned to the bin.

Until now! This is the first time I've seen one of these bar carts in the context of a fresh, breezy interior. And it doesn't look remotely out of place. Maybe the key is to go for a tarnished metal rather than a really bright, shiny gold. Or perhaps it needs to be quite sparsely filled - only a few objects rather than a full rack of booze. Who knows. Either way, a gold bar cart is back on the list!

The rest of the home tour is below.

Images courtesy of Stadshem.