Concrete Planters by Vako Design


When I first started writing this blog, never did I ever think that concrete would become the new trendy thing to have in your home. Concrete! It's so ugly and industrial looking. I'm not sure I would even use it in my garden. Yet recently it has really started to grow on me. I reckon the reason we like it so much isn't for how the concrete actually looks on its own, but rather how it enhances everything around it. Using a material that's a bit rough 'n' ready makes everything else look more polished; it creates a nice contrast. It might sound like strange logic but it does seem to work.

These awesome, boxy planters are made by Vakhtangi Darjania (Vako for short!), a US citizen originally from Tbilisi, Georgia. The collection is named Concrescence, and is inspired by the shapes of the plant world. Vako wanted to appreciate the natural geometry of plants, and so designed his planters to emulate these shapes. The concrete basins are available in three heights - three, five and eight inches - and are five inches wide. They look massive in these photos but are actually tiny - I'm looking at a tape measure now and can't believe it! They're are the type of thing you'd put on a shelf or windowsill. Each comes with a flat packed birch plywood stand, which is easy to assemble by hand without the need for any glue or tools. The stand can be flipped upside down, to keep the plant low and close to your surface or lift it higher off the ground.

All images courtesy of Vako Design.