Minka Inhouse: Help to Kickstart a Small Interiors Brand

This week I was sent an email by a lady named Fran Aldea, who is based in Chile, asking me to share a link to her kickstarter site on Decorenvy's social media channels. I liked the video so much (and thought you guys would too!) that I'm going to share it here as well.

Fran is trying to raise money to expand her homewares brand, Minka Inhouse, which specialises in handmade woollen throws, and ceramic ornaments and mugs. I was really taken in by the company's creations, which are absolutely beautiful, and certainly rival a lot of the products we see stocked by big-name brands in the UK and US. Coming from an area of the world where much of the local manufacturing trade has been destroyed by mass-importation from overseas brands, Fran wanted to set up a company which would provide jobs for and put money back into her local community.

The meaning behind the word 'Minka' is 'a collective work, with a social purpose and benefit to the community,' and this is exactly what Fran hopes to achieve with this project. With a $15,000 float she can invest in raw materials and pay fair wages to her staff, taking Minka to the next level as a sustainable business. You can donate as little as $1, with donations of $10 and above rewarded with postcards or one of  Minka Inhouse's lovely products.

To view the kickstarter page, please click here.

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