Playful Design Ideas: Omelette ed


Omelette-ed is a part-Spanish and part-Mexican brand, despite the French name. Based in Valencia, they’re a trio of designers who create collections of playful, almost cartoonish furniture, lighting and home accessories. I had the chance to meet Ommar (centre) on the Red AEDE press trip to Spain and ask him some questions about their work.

In addition to running Omelette ed, the three founders also have their own design studio called La Mamba, which focuses on design in a more traditional sense, i.e. they create designs for other people to buy and bring to market. Omelette ed was borne of a difficult situation: when the financial crash hit Europe in 2009 they found that purchases of their designs began to dry up, as few people were willing to commit the time and money to launching new products at such an uncertain time. To get around the problem they decided to launch their own commercial venture, creating designs just as they did before but also manufacturing and selling them under their own brand.


Reeno small lamps

All three of the founding team have different roles within the company - one handles graphic design, another handles administration, and Ommar handles the product side of the business. When asked where the name Omelette came from, he tells me that it stems from an in-joke between his Spanish colleagues when they were at university. It doesn’t cross over into English particularly gracefully, but the jist of it is that they ate so much tortilla while they were students that anytime someone asked what they should do with their day or evening the other would reply “…vamos a comer tortilla?” So when they needed to come up with a catchy but meaningful name for their new business, Omelette seemed like the obvious choice.


Branches salt/pepper shakers

The 2016 additions to their collection include new finishes and sizes of some of their most popular products, as well has a handful of brand new launches. The Reeno lamp is one of their oldest designs, a large circular suspension lamp made from dusty, mattified marble with a wooden spike on the side. The white and mint lamps pictured at the top of this post are the new smaller size of this product, which has been brought down to a 14cm diameter from the original 45cm. This makes it much more appropriate for use in residential spaces, and allows it to be hung in clusters of three or four without dominating the room. Other notable additions include a new variety of the Branches salt and pepper shakers (above), which are made from green marble and walnut; and two new finishes for the vertical mirror: copper (below) and gold.


Vertical Mirror

All photography courtesy of Omelette ed.

This post is part of a series on Spanish design here on Decorenvy,  following the Sunny Design Days blogtour to Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. You can find more posts from this trip under the tag #sunnydesign.