Buy or DIY? | Honeycomb Wall Shelves


Ever since I spotted these honeycomb wall shelves from Bloomingville I've been searching on and off for a way to recreate them at home. With a bit of googling you can find quite a few different ways to make them yourself, with varying outcomes. This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess is very thorough and looks amazing - I love the rustic wood they've used!

Now I don't know about you, but I'm even close to DIY-savvy enough to measure and saw up pieces of wood and then fit them together myself! The homemade version is so much nicer than shop-bought, but it looks as though you really do need to know your stuff (as well as owning all the necessary equipment!) to take this one on. Do you have a mitre saw and rotary sander knocking about at home? Didn't think so.

The Bloomingville version isn't ridiculously pricy - I found a set of three for £110 here. Unless you desperately want to cover an entire wall in them (you're looking at £220 to recreate A Beautiful Mess' look) then just buying them pre-made is probably the best option.

What do you think - would you Buy or DIY ?