A Tree Branch Pan Rail


It’s here! It’s finally here! Today I’m going to share one of my very own DIY projects. Generally I tend to share good ideas that I’ve found elsewhere on this blog, but thanks to a ‘eureka’ moment and the purchase of my first ‘grown-up’ camera I’m finally in a position to show you something that devised and I put together myself. This is my tree branch pan rail. It’s less weird than it sounds, I swear.

The backstory to this is that we don’t have even nearly enough storage in our kitchen for all our cooking equipment. The cupboard we kept our pots and pans in was starting to resemble a game of Tetris, and I’d really had enough of hearing Sam crashing around and swearing as he tried to get everything to stay in there. We had an epically big piece of unsused wall beneath our mug cupboard (see photo below), so it made sense to use it to house some kind of pan storage. The only issue was that our kitchen walls are solid brick. Have you ever tried drilling into brick? I have, and unless you have heavy duty tools, it just doesn’t work. So I had to get a bit creative.


Inspired by this image I found when putting together a previous post I sourced a tree branch from our garden and hung it from the existing bolts behind the cabinet using some galvanised steel wire. Then all it required was a handful of S hooks and it was ready to go! The total cost was £4.99 and I’m absolutely delighted with it. Who wants a boring metal pan rail anyway? This is way more fun.

So there you have it: the first ever Decorenvy DIY. If you’re interested I used this roll of galvanised steel wire and these S hooks, both from Amazon. Together with finding an appropriate branch the entire thing took about 15 minutes.