Highlights: Pulse 2016


Last week I managed to prise myself away from my desk for a few hours and scurry up to Olympia, where Pulse was hosting its 2016 exhibition of new interiors collections. I go to these shows every season but this was the first time I've had a) a proper camera, and b) halfway decent photography skills, so I can finally put together a post documenting all of the beautiful things I saw! I'll probably start doing these on the regular - it's nice to get a sneaky preview of what's coming up next in the interiors world.

These are the four collections that stood out to me personally, but you can see many many more by browsing the #Pulse16 hashtag on Twitter. Enjoy!

Sevak Zargarian

I had a little chat with Sevak over on the UAL (University of the Arts London) stand, where he was exhibiting alongside other up-and-coming designers in Pulse's 'Launchpad' area. The pretty colours in his ceramics are pieces of porcelain, which he smashes up and adds to the clay before moulding and firing. An earlier version of this idea had the porcelain shards poking out at jagged angles on the surface, but for this collection he sands down all the rough edges to give it a soft, matte finish. If you touch these they feel silky smooth! It's a really nice texture. The collection is called Unearthed and includes candle holders, bowls, vases and cheese boards in various colours and sizes.

Melina Xenaki

There's something SO pleasing about the swishy watercolour patterns on these vases. I think it's because they're sort of ocean-like in their colour and shape - perhaps they're reminding me of the seaside. Anyway, they're made by Melina Xenaki, who is studying for an MA in ceramics and glass at the Royal College of Art. This design seems to be a bit of a departure from her previous work, which focused on geometric shapes inspired by Ancient Greece. The vases are made from porcelain and come in a variety of different patterns. My favourite is the thick, side-to-side swipe below.

Lapuan Kankurit

These pretty textiles were hanging on one of the main walkways in the Olympia centre, instantly eye-catching as I walked past. Lapuan Kankurit is a family-run textile brand based in Finland, now in its fourth generation! Juho Annala first began weaving in the cold winter of 1917, before Finland was established as an independent nation. After working in the family wool and felt boot factory, Juno's son, Juha Hjelt, decided to open his own weaving mill and name it Lapuan Kankurit. Nearly a hundred years later the business is still going strong, now run by Esko Hjelt - great-grandson of Juno - and his wife Jaana. Nowadays they make most of their fabrics using linen or linen-cotton blends, but the spirit of Lapuan Kankurit is still the same. You can check out their current designs on their webshop.


In the seaside town of Porthmadog, North Wales, resides a little store named Glosters. Husband-and-wife duo Tom and Myfanwy Gloster (so Welsh) have been selling their own lines of pottery and textiles here since 2014, alongside products they've sourced from other designer-makers. It was their little glazed milk jugs - the work of Tom - which caught my attention at Pulse. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I'm obsessed with ceramics, so when I saw these all lined up in a row I was completely smitten. Unlike many of the products exhibited at trade shows you can actually buy these now from their webshop for £7 each.