A Contemporary Copenhagen House with a Twist


This house is the home of Natalia Sánchez Echevarria, a designer, stylist and interior design consultant based in Copenhagen. The photographs are by Line Klein, whose interior shots are consistently stunning and whose work I've covered on this blog a handful of times before.

What I really like about this place is how Natalia has mixed together very contemporary Scandinavian design with vintage accessories. The square metal tables in the living room, whitewashed floors and sparsely decorated dining room are pretty typical of other houses I've seen in Copenhagen, but here they've been warmed up with framed botanical prints, old wooden furniture and (shock horror!) a bit of colour on the walls. Contemporary and vintage can clash pretty strongly, so it's rare to see a mixture of the two that actually looks good. Natalia has clearly poured her personality into this place - although I'm sure a significant chunk of the credit here should go to Line for her styling.

All photography by Line Klein via My Scandinavian Home.