An Industrial Loft in Stockholm


The idea of living in a loft or attic apartment has always appealed to me. Even aside from the natural light, better views and improved ventilation, there's something really pleasing about occupying the very top floor of a building - almost like a teenage den away from your parents two floors down. Or perhaps that's just me.

Anyway, I spotted this brilliant flat on Fantastic Frank this week. Since it's listed for sale we don't get to hear anything about the lives of the current occupants, which is a shame! Nosing through photos of other people's homes is always much more interesting when you can get to know the stories behind those that live there. I would say that the easel, paints and canvases give this away as the home of a struggling young artist, but in reality it's probably just clever styling to make the photos look good...

The master bedroom is separated from the main living area by a floor-to-ceiling industrial glass window; the smaller bedroom is tucked away in a little alcove in the living room, accessible via a little wooden ladder! Not very practical for day-to-day use, but it would be handy for friends to crash after a night out. It also has original wooden floors throughout and some pretty interesting paintwork - check out the random smudges of grey and blue in the picture above.

The open floor plan and glass walls could get pretty chilly in winter - fortunately the apartment comprises not one, but two fireplaces to keep you nice and toasty! Then again, is having a fire in your bedroom a stroke of genius or just extremely dangerous? Is it even legal? Answers on a postcard, please.

All photos courtesy of Fantastic Frank.