Colourful Country Charm


I've always thought that the best decor is that which mixes many styles. Rather than sticking resolutely to a minimalist design, or decorating only with country rustic furniture and accessories, it's better to thoughtfully combine elements from many different sources. This creates something which is not only interesting and stimulating to look at, but also totally unique to you! You've seen a thousand Scandinavian apartments and country cottages before, so why make your home look like everybody else's?

This country home in Sweden sticks to a whiter-than-white paint across the walls and floors of almost the entire house, but breaks it up with very bright accessories, colour blocking (see more on that here!) and some really great art. There are loads of quirky Easter eggs hidden around the house for those with beady eyes - check out those amazing tiles in the hallway and funky painted chairs.

Images courtesy of Lina Östling.