A Kitchen in Green & Grey


My boyfriend and I may soon be beginning the long, painful, drawn-out process of buying our first home, so of course I’ve been torturing myself looking at houses in our area on RightMove. I’ve found our dream home at least four times already, and then watched as it’s sold and removed from the site. Sob. Anyway, beginning this process means we’ve also opened the door to hypothetical conversations about colour schemes in our hypothetical future house. I used to be one of those all-white types, proclaiming loudly that there’s no need to put colour on your walls if you’re going to use colourful accessories – if anything, it makes decorating more difficult in the future if you commit your colour scheme to the wall on day 1. Recently, however, I’ve found myself softening a little. I’m not about to break out the yellow paint, but I could definitely go for a light-to-mid-grey like in these pictures.


Sam doesn’t work in interiors, so occasionally I’ll suggest something to him that’s a little unusual and he vetoes it immediately. “Let’s paint one of the rooms grey!” is a good recent example of this. I have about six to twelve months to bring him around to my position. I reckon this kitchen might be a good place to start.

Also really nice: the chunky wooden dining table and the green marble counter tops. I have no idea how expensive the latter are but my guess would be “very”. By the way, I’m pretty sure this kitchen is IKEA hacked with Superfront cabinet fronts, which I’ve written about before here.


All images courtesy of Bosthlm.