Leafy Greens and Wooden Floors


It's another green/white/wood combo - a cliché on interiors websites like these, but only because it's such a winning formula. I really like the wooden floor in this place, particularly the deep black lines between the boards. You get the impression that they've have been well-trodden over a decade. It's a nice contrast with the obvious 'newness' of all the furniture - the walls are clearly freshly painted and the dazzlingly white table and chairs look like they were unwrapped just in time for the photographs. 


That tall tree thing is awesome. Love the little paper bag plant pot, too. You can find a similar one here. The white side tables are both by HAY - the one with the hook on top is called Don't Leave Me and the hexagonal one is called Slit. Both are around £120.

My only gripe with photographs of apartments like these is that there's never any storage. Yes it's beautifully styled, yes they've made a small space look much bigger, but where's all my stuff supposed to go? Even the most dedicated minimalist would struggle to keep their clutter down to just a small pile of artfully-arranged books. If you mentally add in all the shelves, drawers and boxes you'd need to store your belongings, suddenly a studio flat doesn't seem like quite such a good idea.


I'm not sure where the black chair is from but the white is another HAY number - the Hee Dining Chair will set you back about £110-120. The vignette at the end of the table, though impractical, looks pretty lovely. The little carved hand ornament and the brass scissors are right up my street.

Here, the table legs are named Loop (again, by HAY) and the little wooden stool is from IKEA for the bargain price of £8.


I couldn't find this exact wall shelf (boo) but Bloomingville have a similar concept which you can buy at Scandinavian Design Center. Or if you can't afford $200 for a side table, why not get a cheap metal shelf, drill a hole in it and break out the gold spray paint?


All images courtesy of Stadshem.