Monochrome Cool


I might be in a minority here, but I've always thought that monochrome was a bit stark. I'm not hugely into bright colours either, but just sticking to variations between black and white seems so limiting, not to mention being quite harsh on the eye. If you described this house to me I'd probably hate it, but looking at the pictures, they've somehow pulled it off. It isn't even a very big house - all the rooms are pretty small - but it feels so light and spacious.

The main thing I love about this place is the floors. Those whitewashed floorboards are pretty similar to what I have in mind for my future first home (a very long way in the future), and the dark brown boards in the bedroom are pretty dreamy too.

Some tips: you can get similar shelves to those awesome boxy ones by the stairs from Muuto, the laundry bag from Rockett St. George, and the throw on the sofa in the living room is probably this one from Leif.

Images courtesy of Stadshem via My Scandinavian Home