South West England Meets Stockholm


Most of the homes I share on this blog tend to be in Scandinavia (usually Stockholm), simply because this is the part of the world that most closely reflects Decorenvy's style. The apartments and houses in this area tend to be quite similar in their interior architecture – high ceilings, spacious rooms, but with plain walls with very few embellishments. It’s a shame, because there’s a wealth of Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian houses right here in Britain with amazing period features like fireplaces, window frames and ceiling roses, but I never get to share them because they’re so hard to find.


Today I found one! Ok, so it’s still in Stockholm. But it doesn’t look that dissimilar to the houses around where I grew up (Bristol). Check out the three angled windows in the dining room (top), wood panelling (below) and the elaborate door frame decorations! These are so much more interesting than a standard white wall. Even better are the thin double doors between the rooms. They remind me of window shutters; throwing them wide makes the entire apartment feel like one entity rather than a collection of separate rooms.

I realise a post on period features might be a bit divisive for a contemporary interiors blog. What do you reckon - yay or nay?

Images via ESNY.