Student Vibes


Here's a cute little flat I found on Fantastic Frank yesterday evening. The kitchen really reminds me of the ones we used when I was a student, but in a good way! It sort of looks like a work in progress. The cabinets aren't dissimilar to those you'd find in your first house, pre-renovations, and much of the shelving is open and filled to the brim with ingredients and crockery.

The tiles on the splashback are beautiful, but also delightfully mish-mash against the faded yellow. And I feel like there's something nicely unpretentious about dedicating the most visible and prominent shelf in the kitchen to your cooking oils and sauces, rather than your best china. Although just think how sticky that surface will get...

In addition to a private balcony, which gazes over the Canal of Karlberg in western central Stockholm, there's also a communal roof terrace with even better views. Though, strangely, it doesn't seem to be included in the photos. You'll have to imagine!

Images courtesy of Fantastic Frank.