Lofty Living in Tottenham


In reality London's studios are rarely as attractive and liveable as this - picture lying on a single bed with the cooker by your left ear and the toilet by your right, and you're getting the idea. But one- or two-room apartments with enough space to build a functional home do exist, such as this little gem in Tottenham.

The high ceilings have allowed for the installation of little upper-level 'nooks', which house two bedrooms and a compact study space. It's an enviable set up for working from home - sitting up high with a view down to the street below must be so calming.

The flat is decorated fairly sparsely, in neutral colours, which makes it feel a lot larger than it really is. Then again, it looks as though the occupants only have about a third as many belongings as your average person, so perhaps it takes a certain type of personality to make a studio look good!

Images by Kate Burt for The Guardian.