Subway Tiles and a Herringbone Floor


Hallå! And welcome to another beautiful Swedish home. This one is courtesy of Entrance, a brilliant Scandinavian real estate website that I only just discovered this week. As if I needed another place to pine over beautiful apartments that I'll never own.

For me, this place is a really nice example of contemporary interior design that still looks 'lived in' - two things which can be quite difficult to marry together. I couldn't imagine drinking a cup of tea or slobbing on the sofa in most of the carefully-put together Scandi homes you see online at the moment. This is an exception.


Favourite elements for me: the herringbone wooden floor in the header image - partly for the pattern, but also for the colour of the wood - and the slightly different shades of white on the cabinet fronts and subway tiles in the kitchen. I'm actually thinking of doing a colour palette very similar to this when we come to decorating our first kitchen...


All images courtesy of Entrance, shot by Anders Bergstedt.