A Taste of the Country (Sort of)


Mooorning! Here's a little something I found yesterday afternoon and wanted to share. As with so many home tours on this blog, today we're going to Gothenburg. Maybe I need to widen my net a little.

Anyway, the thing I found most striking about this apartment is how the kitchen and living room are sort of at odds with one another - the former is kitted out in country-style storage and wood panelling, whilst the latter has that super clean, fresh style that we see in so many other Scandinavian homes. Ordinarily I really don't like anything remotely farmhouse-esque, but in this case it kinda works. Perhaps it's those subway tiles that freshen it up a bit. I don't know!

Another highlight is that sofa. The high back and the angle of the seat make it look so comfy.

Images courtesy of Stadshem.