The Eclectic Home of Sofia Jansson


This is the home of shop owner, photographer and stylist Sofia Jansson and her musician husband Kristo. They live in Katrineholm, a city near Stockholm in Sweden.

Having previously been enjoying life in the Swedish countryside, their decision to move to the city was prompted by a surprise discovery that Sofia was pregnant with twins. Already a family of four with two children under three, they quickly made arrangements to relocate to a larger property. Sofia didn't even see her new home before moving day - Kristo had to keep her updated via photos as she was too pregnant to travel with him to view the house.

Immediately after moving in they tackled the task of renovating the entire house, despite now having four children under the age of four! After the initial major changes to the interior, they've spent the last seven years slowly filling their home with interesting and unusual pieces which they truly love - just how decorating should always be. The result is a bright, airy house which reflects the personality of its owners.

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Photography by Sofia Jansson, via Design Sponge.