The Melbourne Showroom of Pop & Scott


When I first saw these pictures I presumed this was somebody's house, but they're actually taken inside a showroom in Melbourne! This is the studio and retail space of couple and business partners Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson, who together run a workshop cooperative named Pop & Scott. What began as a small studio for them to share has blossomed into a bigger space which incorporates the work of more than 15 other local designer makers. Learn more about their story below!


To begin with, their studio had enough room for Scott to make his wooden furniture and for Poppy to make her painted plant pots. This suited the pair just fine, but when the warehouse next door became available 18 months ago they saw an opportunity. Taking over the second property allowed them to expand their space and involve some of their other designer-maker friends in their business. Now, as well as housing a workshop for everyone to use, the studio acts as a retail showroom where all of the products created on site can be displayed and bought.


[Velvet sofa by Pop & Scott; Jungle Cushions by The Vallentine Project; Rug by Pampa Rugs; Art prints by Lisa Sorgini; Bamboo from Glasshaus Nursery in Makeba Pot by Pop & Scott]


[Scott making furniture in the Pop & Scott showroom]


[L: Camille Moir-Smith, Carpenter’s Daughter.; R: Anchor Ceramics]


[Glazed tiles by Anchor Ceramics]


[Various products by Anchor Ceramics]


[The team of creatives working at Pop & Scott!]


[An outside shot of the studio]

All photography by Eve Wilson for The Design Files, via Interior Junkie.