Porcelain Tiles to Mimic Wood, Slate and Stone - Slimtile by Levantina

Techlam Ceramic Tile - Deco Colonial

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I'm a bit obsessed with tiles, especially if they're colourful/innovative/have something interesting to say. These lovely designs are part of a collection of uber-thin, uber-large porcelain tiles called Techlam, which have just been launched by Spanish brand Levantina. Available in various sizes up to several metres in length, they're printed with all sorts of cool patterns mimicking natural materials: wood, marble, slate, stone - it's all here. Prices vary by design, starting from £45 - which is actually pretty reasonable, especially considering how beautiful the designs are.

By far my favourite is this mismatched tile pattern, which is a decorating idea that I've written about before here. This particular colour combination reminds me of a hallway in a traditional Spanish house, or the wall of a tapas restaurant! What's even better is that using a pre-made collage of patterns eliminates the need for you to choose your own combinations, which can be a bit of a daunting prospect - and has the potential to go a bit wrong if you can't find perfectly harmonised colours and patterns. Obviously Levantina have used theirs in a commercial setting here, but that's not to say that you couldn't recreate the same thing at home. The white walls and pale wooden floor are the perfect complement to the sandy colour of the tiles.

Above walls and floor: Techlam Deco Colonial

Wall: Techlam Blaze Snow / Floor: Techlam Deco Silk

"Our latest collection is inspired by nature, so we have used the patterns of stone, wood and other natural elements in our designs."

So, what makes Techlam different to your average box of tiles? The main differentiator is their size. Dimensions go up as far as 1 x 3 metres, which makes for far easier installation than the smaller ones we're used to. The width is also impossibly thin, ranging between three and five millimetres. As such, they eliminate the issue of bulky edges when tiling stops part-way across a floor or wall. "When people think of tiles they tend to think of the big, clunky ceramic ones that are common to most interiors," Nuria Izquierdo, Communications Manager at Levantina, told me. "That’s why we call them Slimtile – these are tiles in a totally different format. Their thinner profile makes them a slimmer, more elegant way to incorporate tiles into the home."

They're also printed with all sorts of interesting patterns, ranging from a cold steel effect to those fun Spanish tiles I included at the top of this post. Fans of stone (like me) will find plenty to get excited about - my personal favourites being the graphite and white marble options. "We have a digital printer that allows any design to be transferred to the surface," explains. "Our latest collection is inspired by nature, so we have used the patterns of stone, wood and other natural elements in our designs."


Wall: Techlam Strattos; floor: Techlam Wood Aspen

Thanks to their resilience, Techlam tiles are perfect for use in high traffic areas, rooms used by children and even the exterior of a building. The hard, impermeable surface means they'll withstand spilled drinks, dirty shoes, crayons, rain, snow, sunshine and even graffiti (in case that's a problem for you!). The colour and surface pattern won't change over time through exposure to modern life or the outside elements, staying true to their original form for years and years. No cracking, bending, bleaching or disturbance of any kind.

Find out more about Techlam's various designs by visiting their website, or by browsing the #slimtile hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

Techlam Ceramic Tile - Slate Ebony

Wall: Techlam Slate Ebony

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