at{mine} : a social network for interiors fiends


Welcome to {at}mine! This nifty new website, which launched this week, helps those who love beautiful interiors and design to peek inside the homes of real people all around the world. The site originally opened to beta members in April 2014, swelling to more than 2,000 users before it opened to the general public a few days ago. Many of the most active 'original' members are interiors bloggers, who have filled their profiles with imagery from their homes in prep for the big unveiling. Check out Igor Josifovic of Happy Interior Blog, Cate St.Hill and Katy Orme of Apartment Apothecary for just a few examples of how users are presenting their homes.


[Portrait by Ingrid Rasmussen]

The site was founded by Helena Benelbas and Ia Bergman, who met when they were both recruited to work at Goldman Sachs straight from their universities in Madrid and Stockholm (respectively). Bergman left the company to pursue the idea for {at}mine in 2012, with Benelbas joining the project the following year. Both now live in West London with their families.

Top photograph courtesy of {at}mine.