Preview: Four AW14 Interiors Trends

It's the 1st October, the mornings are suddenly darker and I got absolutely soaked on my way to work this morning. Autumn is definitely here (nooo!), but rather than resisting the season's changes, I'm trying to embrace them.

What the new month does bring is a fresh set of interior trends for AW14. This week I've been obsessively reading this preview blog post from Trend Bible, swotting up on the top four trends we can expect to see over the next few months until the New Year. Read on for a quick summary of each, plus some products to illustrate.

Natural elements get a minimalist makeover in this trend. Materials such as rope, wool, feathers and wood play a prominent role, but are balanced out with copper and gold metals in polished finishes. Intricate structures, honeycombs and fine stripes are reminiscent of nature's own materials, decorated only with subdued, delicate patterns (if any). Tactility is a big part of the trend: textiles are often knotted or weaved with fringed edges, whilst ceramics are porous and textured.

An experiment in art and science, this trend is all about craziness, colour, mistakes and surprises! The boundaries between chemistry and nature begin to blur, as natural woods and metals are compressed together with bright plastics. Thin, uneven stripes in fluoro colours remind us of layered rock, whilst liquid patterns bleed and drip onto one another.

Historical influences get a modern makeover in this multifaceted trend. A dark, traditional palette of browns, greens and burgundy is applied to abstract, minimalist shapes. Wood is dark and grainy, often juxtaposed with shining gold or copper. Historical elements such as portraits or oil paintings are thrown together with graphic, futuristic structures.

This story encourages us to get reacquainted with our inner child! Hidden in the gritty urban environment of our adult world are unexpected glimmers of joy and colour. Many elements of this trend are borrowed from kids’ interiors, including the poster-paint palette and plastic, wooden or woven materials. Sombre greys and blacks are livened by pops of bright colour, imperfect patterns and mismatched textures.

Shelf | Bird | Chair | Cushion | Pinboard | Bin | Lamp

All trend cards are courtesy of Trend Bible.