AW14 Trend Preview: Winter Pastels


It’s that time of year again – the AW14 interiors trends are coming out of the woodwork.

Spring 2014 saw the introduction of ‘chalky’ pastels, i.e. faded shades of pastel pink, blue, yellow and green. It was nice to see pastels look a little more grown-up, in contrast to the sickly shades that usually crop up every March. Well, AW14 looks set to go one step further, swapping any remotely sunny colours (such as yellow or green) in favour of darker, dusty shades. We’re seeing the same chalky effect as earlier in the year, but in autumnal peach, violet, lilac and teal. Nice, right?

It feels like quite a small adjustment as we move into autumn – more of a tiny tweak in colours rather than stark jump into the new season. Maybe it’s down to climate change? It is quite warm outside for mid-September. (I’m only half joking)