Seven Best: Chopping Boards


When it comes to basic kitchen kit like wooden spoons, pans, chopping boards and so on, I always think it's better to keep things simple. For the Christmas before last my dad got me a chopping board (or rather a serving board, it's far too nice to chop on) that he picked up from a guy local to him in Dorset. It doesn't have any handles, engravings or clever functions: it's literally a knotted old slab of wood which has been treated with olive oil. And it's one of my favourite things that I own. It's actually only usable on one side, because the natural lumps and bumps of the tree are still there on the reverse! But it's so beautiful, in a way that won't look dated in a few years' time.

So this has been a slightly longwinded way of saying that you really don't need those 'on-trend' serving boards that I keep seeing everywhere - ones which you can write on with chalk, or which have removable pots for snacks, or which stack into their own special holster... they're all just gimmicks. Find something simple but really beautiful, and you'll never get bored of it. Then again, one of these boards is made partially from marble... so perhaps I should climb down from my soap box.

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