Retro Travel Posters: Braniff International Airways


Braniff International Airways was an American airline company operating in the sixties and seventies, mainly serving the United States and Central and South America. They went bust in the eighties, but have had an unexpected revival in the form of the colourful cartoon posters they used to advertise their various destinations!

Sam and I came across Braniff last year at an art fair at Brockwell Lido, which is just around the corner from our flat. Flicking through the vintage posters we found one of their pastel coloured Brazil posters and instantly had to have it! Unfortunately being an original copy it was totally and completely out of our budget, but with a little searching we found a reprint online for a fraction of the price. It's not quite the same, but once you've put it in a frame you can barely notice the difference. I think it cost about 50 quid and was worth every penny.

The entire series of posters is really fun - take a look at the below. You can find all of these on for about £115 (large poster size) or, depending on which design you're after, there are some cheaper options on Amazon and ebay.


Top image my own; poster images widely available via Google.