Christmas Gifts for Design Lovers


Only four weeks to go ‘til the big day. Are you stuck for gift ideas? Here are some nice bits and bobs I came across over the last few weeks that should please the design aficionados in your life.


They look a little different to the plastic varieties you can buy in the supermarket, but once upon a time this is what drinking straws were made from - actual straw. Unlike their modern counterparts, these can be composted once the party is over.

£5.50 (SFR 8.50), Golden Biscotti.


These pepper mills achieve that rare balance of being festive enough for Christmas gifting, yet not so festive that they're outdated as soon as the big day is over. With a high quality ceramic grinder inside, the mill is available in a choice of light oak, blackened oak, ash or walnut.

£59 (€75), Objekten.


According to Amazon's reviewers these beauties sound every bit as good as they look. They're composed of memory foam ear cushions, rose gold metal outer shells and a soft leather headband, with a handy control on the cable for you to adjust the volume. A word of warning: check compatibility before you buy, as they are only designed to work with Apple products.

Taylor Headphones by Frends, £180 from Amazon.


Part of the Animal Box series, this wooden whale has a hinge in his body, allowing you to bend back his head and hide small objects inside. Even if you don’t want to use him for storage, he’d look equally cute up on a shelf or in your bedroom window.

£32 ($49), Areaware.


These desk accessories are part of the new collection from Swiss interior architect Nikki Kreis. She is one of a growing group of designers to adopt eco-friendly plywood as her medium, which is harvested from fast-growing forests in Latvia and generates very little waste.

From £16, Kreisdesign. Photographed by Yeshen Venema.