A Fern, a Succulent and Some New Paper Plant Pots


It could be argued that we don't need any more plants in our dining room, but I'm still finding excuses to adopt new family members from the shop by the train station near our flat. This week I was sent some cool crumpled paper plant pots from -Love, Ana, and since I didn't have any existing plants that were quite the right size to fit them, it was the perfect reason to go and choose a couple of new ones.

I'm kicking myself now for not asking the lady in the shop for the names of the plants. I know that one is a fern and one is a succulent, but that's as precise as I can be. From a bit of googling I'm wondering whether the spiky one is part of the aloe family(??). Or possibly Haworthia Fasciata, as per this article? If any plant experts are reading this and can enlighten me as to the exact names, please do.


Based on their appearance in photos, you'd be forgiven for thinking the pots really are made from paper. They're actually made from polyethylene fibres, which are waterproof and very difficult to tear or damage. I kept the plastic pots on my plants and just put those inside the paper pots, to help them retain their shape and have proper drainage, but you could put soil directly inside the bag without damaging the material. Ana recommends that you just put some clay pebbles at the bottom, so that water doesn't get trapped and make the soil soggy (which is bad for the plant, rather than the pot).


The Paperpots are 19cm in diameter but you'll want to put them on plants that are slightly smaller than this so that the fabric retains that nice scrumpled look. The ones I've used are in plastic pots with a 12cm diameter and they fit perfectly. By the same token you don't want to use a pot that's too high, or it'll poke out the top and ruin the effect. Using a shorter pot lets the leaves spill over the top, as if they're bursting out of their bag.

The great news is that Ana has very kindly sent an extra box of three Paperpots, so since it's been blinking ages since I ran a competition on here I thought I'd give them away to you guys! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below to tell me which plants you'd put in your Paperpots, follow on Twitter and/or follow on Instagram. I'll pick the winner at random in a week's time and be in touch to get your address for delivery. UK residents only I'm afraid due to postage costs. Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent two boxes of Paperpots to try out at home. I wasn't asked to write this post in exchange. All photos, words, opinions etc. are mine.