Flat-pack Furniture Brand Takes on IKEA


American furniture brand Greycork has launched a set of quick-assembly flat-pack furniture collection to rival IKEA. The Japanese-American style collection contains everything you need to completely furnish a living room, including a sofa, chaise, coffee table, side table and bookshelf. Pieces start at $75 and go from box to fully-assembled in four minutes flat.

At a time when IKEA's focus has been on a series of attention-grabbing projects - including a collection of wireless charging furniture and a collaboration with designer Ilse Crawford - Greycork has spotted an opportunity to challenge the brand on its own philosophy: making good design affordable to everyone. An infographic on their website clearly states the saving made on each piece in the collection compared to the equivalent product at IKEA, not only in terms of price but also the time taken to assemble the product. Put simply, Greycork intends to be "a better version of IKEA."

When you need to move, it is simple to take apart, easy to transport, and set up again in a new home - all without losing structural integrity or giving you headaches.

This is one point on which they have my full attention. Between the ages of 18 and 24 I moved house every single year, carefully dismantling each piece of furniture as my dad kindly shuttled my belongings between houses in various parts of the UK. My trusty IKEA bed has done well under the circumstances, but painfully dragging out the screws each time it needs to be packed into the back of a van has left it a little... structurally compromised. It would be great if it had been designed to be disassembled and reassembled, to better suit the lifestyle of someone who needs to buy very cheap furniture.


They're crowdfunding for the launch of their second line of furniture, a full living room set including a sofa, chaise, bookshelf, coffee table and side table. You can pre-order pieces at a 33% discount from their Indiegogo page.