Inside the Studio of Vij5


Is this the coolest workspace you've ever seen? It's like a greenhouse within a studio within a giant warehouse. It's the home of Vij5, a Dutch design company who have built their collection through collaborations with a portfolio of other designers. I'd like to tell you a bit about them and show you around their studio.

Vij5 was founded in 2006 by duo Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst. The pair met whilst studying architecture and design (respectively) in Eindhoven, and decided to found the design brand together shortly after they graduated. Simplicity and the use of natural materials are at the heart of their products, many of which are made from wood, metal, wool or recycled newspapers.

Whilst some of these products are developed solely by Vij5 – such as the Flex Vase, A Piece of Carpet and Two Towel – most are the result of collaborations with various independent designers. By joining forces with many different minds they have created a diverse, interesting collection which incorporates a number of different styles.

As Anieke explains, “You could see us as the curators of the collection in a way. If necessary we complete the design and investigate manufacturing possibilities together with the designers. That’s why we call them collaborations. After that the distribution and sale of the finished products are completely arranged by us.” This allows the designers total creative freedom over their work without getting bogged down with all the admin that selling a product line entails, freeing up more of their time to do what they do best – design products. “Most designers are not so comfortable with this sales phase, so we help them with that part. They don’t have influence on the selling and distribution, only on the design and production.”

[above: Elementiles, Ontwerpduo & Vij5]

[above: Dashed Light in Brass, Léon de Lange & Vij5]


[above: Dashed Light, Léon de Lange & Vij5]


[above: Lloop Light, Ontwerpduo & Vij5; A Piece of Carpet, Vij5; Strap Stool, bram/stijn & Vij5 and more]


[above: Lloop Light, Ontwerpduo & Vij5]

[above: Schenk Carafe, Bas van Raay & Vij5]

The above photos of the products are taken in the Vij5 workshop or, more specifically, inside the elevated wooden structure that is the Vij5 showroom. The shots below will give you an idea of exactly how the space is configured. It's pretty cool! The footprint is divided into several sections, including a workshop, studio/office and the showroom, where the entire Vij5 collection is displayed.

All photography courtesy of Vij5.