Monograph: New Stationery from House Doctor


Pretty things for your desk! Monograph is a new collection of stationery from Danish design brand House Doctor. Aimed mainly at freelancers, creatives and other working-from-home types (hi!), it promises to bring style, comfort and personality to your home office. High praise indeed (for stationery). Then again, it does look rather nice.

The collection is pretty comprehensive, covering all of the essentials needed to stock your average desk (and quite a lot of non-essentials, too - grown-up colouring pencils, anyone?). There's something so satisfying about really pretty stationery, even to someone like me who does almost everything digitally these days. Armed with a filofax and a new pen you'll feel like the most productive person in the world - even if it's just an illusion!

Prices are set by retailers (House Doctor don't sell directly to consumers) but you can expect to get a notebook for around £10, or smaller bits and bobs for £2-5. I just googled 'House Doctor Monograph' and got loads of results. So it's all very affordable - roughly the same prices as somewhere like Paperchase. And way nicer!

All imagery courtesy of House Doctor.