Murmur by Bedeck


Murmur is a new lifestyle brand launched by established bedding/bathroom retailer Bedeck. In a total 180 degree turn from their existing brand - which is all about household names and competitive pricing - Murmur is aiming for something more aspirational with a carefully curated selection of tableware, textiles and home accessories. 

The concept behind the brand is an antidote to our hectic lives. Eschewing technology, bright colours and crazy patterns, Murmur instead goes back to basics with natural materials such as wood, wool, cotton and linen. The colour palette is a similar story: loads of greys, browns and off-white. Everything is very earthy and serene.


The entire collection is pretty appealing. Look at the wooden boards and serving items at the top! Hnnghh. I'm also a big fan of the hanging towels and the plates in the images immediately above. Though I'm not sure I'd fix my plates to the wall...


Every piece is designed in-house by their team, after which they're crafted and sourced from all over the world in Thailand, Portugal and closer to home in Northern Ireland. If you're reading this post after 10th September 2015, you can buy all of these goodies on If not, you'll just have to sit tight til then...


All images courtesy of Murmur/Bedeck.