Polaroid-style Prints from Polabox

Here's something cool I found this week - an online service where you can convert your social media snaps into real, polaroid-style paper prints. This retro gift set from Polabox has been launched just in time for Christmas - a godsend if you're shopping for an instragram addict.


My photos arrived stashed in a cute little aluminium box, along with a few pretty geometric cards and a stick of chocolate. This particular set is intended as a Christmas gift, costing €19.95 for 30 photos. Often in the past I've found that printed versions of digital photos come out disappointingly dark, but the light levels and colours in these pictures were surprisingly well preserved! The swimming pools and skies were as vivid as in the original images on my phone.


Accessing your photos is easy - upon logging into the site and selecting the desired number of prints, you'll have the option to connect to your instagram and Facebook profiles, a Dropbox account or just upload pictures the old-fashioned way. Polabox will then print each one with a polaroid-style white border and pop them in the post within a couple of days.


You'll have to excuse the picture quality here - even when I use my iPhone my photos look like I took them with a potato. Hopefully I'll be able to afford a DSLR soon. Anyway, they made a great addition to the collage of photos we already had on the kitchen wall - it's nice to update your pictures a bit and add some more recent memories into the mix!


Disclosure: these photos were a gift from Polabox, but the opinions (and photographs!) are all my own.