Styling up a Shelfie, at SMUG


On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited along to SMUG’s ‘Shelfie’ blogger breakfast, a collaboration between the shop’s owner, Lizzie, and Tiff Grant-Riley of Curate & Display.

After teas, coffees and a custard-stuffed croissant (for me) we were let loose on the shop, picking out our favourite products to style up for our shelves. Tiff recommended that we find a story to tell through our choices, whether a common motif or just similar colours. I opted to create something using Decorenvy’s signature colours – mint green and pink!

The photos didn’t come out quite as well as I hoped (a combination of low light and my rubbish iPhone camera!) but hopefully you can still get the gist of it. If anything takes your fancy there are links to each product I used after the photos.


Top shelf: Scholten & Baijings 03 plate, £45 (in-store only) | Mint Plant Pot, £7 | Guinea Pig Hanky, £5 | Origami Est Decoration (coming soon for Christmas 2014!)


Bottom shelf: Ballpoint Pen, £3 | Minimal Planner S in Pink, £5.25 (in-store only)| Pink Mini Notebook, £2.50 | Sholten & Baijings Mug, £45 | Sholten & Baijings Porcelain Pot, £100


Bonus: the cute tray my tea came on, plus the full set of Sholten & Baijings ceramics (below).