Take Five: Industrial Lighting Ideas


Mixing and matching different finishes is a great way to add interest to your lighting arrangement. These two beauties look fantastic side-by-side, alternately dull and shiny, big and small. If you don't have a big, scruffy brick wall to layer yours against, some distressed wooden furniture will do just fine.

Lounge Pendant Copper Light, £119, and Ball Copper Pendant Light, £92, Barker & Stonehouse


The ridges of this copper-plated lamp are so appealing - a lovely mixture of traditional shape with modern materials. Hanging it over a vaguely matching side table is a great idea, so long as the bulb isn't too bright. This one is also surprisingly affordable compared other, similar designs on the market, which usually sell for at least double the price.

£59, Out There Interiors


I'm a little bit addicted to bare lightbulbs on long wires, but sadly can't find a way to work them into my flat. These twisted bulb lamps come in a choice of six different colours, but I reckon they look best all together. Fit hooks into the ceiling and string them across the room in large arcs to make the most of their colourful wires.

From £33.68, Plumen.


Scandinavian furniture giant Bloomingville always get it so right. I love that this geometric pendant isn't perfectly smooth - the bumpy, uneven surface just adds to the appeal. The classically Scandi approach would be to pair it with whiter-than-white walls and light wood furniture, but I reckon this one would look great in a darker, more urban setting too.

£159, Amara (and many other outlets)


I saved the big dawg 'til last. Hopelessly out of reach for most of us, but still the best pendant light out there - it's the Copper Shade by Tom Dixon. These babies have become a staple of interiors photoshoots and fancy coffee shops the world over, thanks to their gentle curve and flawless reflection.

£375, Tom Dixon.