Terracotta Cereal Bowls from Such & Such


Today I'm going to share some snaps from my kitchen! These are my new bowls from Such & Such, which I'm a little bit in love with. I won a voucher for their site on Twitter recently, so these are my spoils.

They're handmade by Sue Pryke from English terracotta, with a really beautiful glaze on the top half. If you're finding it hard to tell from the photos what colour the glaze is, join the club! It's not just the lighting playing tricks - the shade is just as ambiguous in real life. If I had to name it I'd say it's white with a hint of purple.

They're a really satisfying shape, as they're much wider and shallower than most cereal bowls but not quite so flat as a pasta bowl. They're ideal for breakfast, but also really nice to wrap your hands around if you fill them with hot food - the terracotta gets nice and warm, without scalding your hands like ceramic tends to.

Also available in the collection are a matching jug and tumbler (believe me, I would have bought all three if I could).

NB: This isn't a sponsored post! I won the bowls fair and square and I haven't been asked to write about them. I just love them so much that I wanted to share them. Plus it was a good excuse to practice using my new camera...