The Aether Cone Speaker


This is such a beautiful piece of kit! The Cone wireless speaker is a new-ish launch from Aether, originally debuted in the US in early 2014 and recently introduced to the UK. Its smooth, conical body is designed with the human hand in mind; the outside of the speaker is a handy dial which you can twist with one hand, switching between songs with a soft, magnetic 'snap'.

The cool thing about this speaker is that you can choose the extent to which you control your soundtrack. Over time Cone will pick up on your listening habits, so it knows what you like to listen to and when. If you usually listen to chillout music with your 8am coffee, or rock anthems while you're doing the evening's washing up, Cone learns your tastes and accurately chooses the music you'll want to hear.


The technology includes a 3" woofer, dual tweeters and 20-watt amplifier to give a spacious sound field that will work with all genres of music, whether you're into classical symphonies or acid house. It is designed to be portable, with an eight hour battery life. I maybe wouldn't take it to the park, but it does mean you can move it around the house without faffing about with wires and plugs.


The controls are voice activated, so you can switch between songs, artists, albums and radio stations without having to get up. It supports wireless streaming via Apple's Airplay feature, but Android users haven't been forgotten either - the Aether Cone app will let you view what's playing and control your music, available from both the App Store and Google Play Store. This of course means that the product relies heavily on a wifi connection, but there's the backup option of Bluetooth connectivity if you're out in the sticks.


Included in the cost of the speaker is access to Rdio's library of 30 million songs and 25,000 podcasts on streaming app Stitcher, plus thousands of internet radio stations. So Cone may actually expand your musical horizons! It comes in a choice of black and copper or white and silver, and costs £349 (or $399 dollars if you're in the US). Find out more.

Images courtesy of Aether.