The IKEA Kitchen, but not as you Know it.


The IKEA kitchen has become fairly ubiquitous thanks to its extensive options for customisation (hello 3D planning tool!) and widespread stores up and down the country. But the selection of cupboard fronts available on their website is, inevitably, a bit one-size-fits-all. If you're not interested in either a wood veneer, white gloss or black, Superfront may just have a solution for you.


[Above: IKEA's cabinet options]

The idea of 'hacking' IKEA furniture isn't exactly new: Superfront are the latest in a long line of companies and organisations offering ways to adapt their identikit furniture to make it more personal to you. For textiles we have Bemz, who create covers to fit IKEA sofas in a huge array of fabrics. For anyone handy with a drill and wood glue, IKEA Hackers offers tutorials for reconfiguring your purchases yourself from home. Superfront are fulfilling a third need, offering customised panels, legs and handles for IKEA kitchens, as well as wardrobes, drawers, sideboards and freestanding cabinets.


Their collection is simple without being limited. A palette of only 14 colours might sound restrictive compared to the thousands of paint options available from many retailers these days, but unlike the others Superfront have curated their collection with shades which complement one another. This means that you can pick and mix multiple colours within the same kitchen and for the most part they're unlikely to clash. Similarly you can only choose from a possible nine patterns for your cabinets, but when they’re all so understated and beautiful why would you need a tenth?

Unlike IKEA's standard range of cabinet fronts, Superfront's offering is very up-to-date with current interiors trends, mixing geometric prints with 2014/15 pastel greens, indigos and even one which looks suspiciously close to the ever-persistent Radiant Orchid (don't do it, I beg you!).


The point where I really started to get into their website is the handles. The options on offer here are so much nicer than any others I’ve seen! Holy Wafer (the curved gold one below) has to be my favourite, but the Loop and Circus are lovely too. There's also a push-open option for those who prefer their cabinets handle-free.


Last but not least... legs. My first choice would have to be the aptly-named 'Captains', top left in the grid below. There are a whopping 39 colour combinations available on the website for this style alone; my favourite was birch and copper. All six leg options can be viewed here.


All imagery courtesy of Superfront.