Space Saver | The Yeh Table


Everybody, meet the Yeh Table. Its flat back and gently angled legs allow it to flatten gracefully (yet securely) against the wall to create a non-intrusive surface space. Use it by the front door as a handy drop-point for keys and phones, in the bedroom as a nightstand, or in the living room to display plants and knick-knacks.

The brainchild of designer Kenyon Yeh, the design was inspired by a strength exercise he saw in a cheerleading session he was passing on his way home from work. "The male student was in sitting position up against a wall - but without a chair - and the female student was standing on his thighs,” he explains. “The table mimics the position of the male student, back resting on the wall and two legs angled away from the wall for stability."

The Yeh Wall Table by Kenyon Yeh

// Images courtesy of Design 55; quote courtesy of Dezeen.